Previous Events

The views of the speakers will be their own and the Society takes no responsibility for the views expressed or the accuracy of their presentations.

28th October 2020POSTPONED: ‘The RNAS Armoured Car Expeditionary Force on the Eastern Front, 1915-17’ with Alan WakefieldRead more
23rd September 2020POSTPONED: ‘The Battle of Britain’ with Col. Paul BeaverRead more
24th June 2020 (now 23rd June 2021)POSTPONED: ‘Seapower States: Culture, Identity and Strategy’ with Prof. Andrew LambertRead more
27th May 2020 (now 26th May 2021)POSTPONED: ‘Victory in Burma’ with Lt. Col. Mike TicknerRead more
22nd April 2020 (now 28th April 2021)POSTPONED: ‘Reflections on the First World War’ with Allan MallinsonRead more
25th March 2020POSTPONED: ‘British Volunteers and the Spanish Civil War’ with Ray WilkinsonRead more
26th February 2020‘Could the British have won the American War of Independence’ with Prof. Jeremy BlackRead more
22nd January 2020’37 Howitzer Battery RFA: The Curragh to Le Cateau, August 1914′ with Lt. Col. Mike WatsonRead more
27th November 2019‘Lost Roman Legions’ with Chris HewittRead more
23rd October 2019‘The Battle of Balaclava’ with Col. Bob KershawRead more
25th September 2019‘1973 Yom Kippur War: Political Background and Intelligence Failure’ with Col. Tony MalkinRead more
18th June 2019‘Agincourt: Myth and Reality’ with Prof. Anne MiltonRead more
22nd May 2019‘Hitler’s Heralds’ with Nigel JonesRead more
24th April 2019‘Rorke’s Drift, 1879’ with Col. Christopher NewbouldRead more
27th March 2019‘Russia, 1812’ with Alan RooneyRead more
27th February 2019‘Landing on the Edge of Eternity: 24 Hours at Omaha Beach’ with Col. Bob KershawRead more

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