Old Wardour Castle & Salisbury during the English Civil War

Wednesday 24th August 2022

St John’s Place, Lower Road, Bemerton, SP2 9NP


When, at the end of the 14thcentury, John Baron Lovell began the construction of Old Wardour Castle his intentions were anything but military. Rather than a powerful fortification he wanted a modern up-to-date building that reflected his wealth, taste and newly acquired status. But when, 250 years later, Civil War broke out in Britain Wardour became an important military garrison. The castle changed hands twice, the second time after a three-month siege which was vividly recorded in his memoirs by its then governor, the parliamentarian Edmund Ludlow. In this talk Julian Humphrys will examine the sieges of Wardour and the light they shed on 17th century warfare and also look at the experiences of nearby Salisbury during this period of conflict.

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After gaining a degree in history at Emmanuel College Cambridge, Julian Humphrys joined the staff of the National Army Museum where he curated numerous exhibitions and was spokesman to the media on all matters of British Army history. He moved on to organise English Heritage’s programme of guided tours to its historic properties and continues to lead its programme of battlefield walks for members. In 2009 he became the Development Officer of the Battlefields Trust and is now a Trustee and Chair of its Wessex Region. His published books include Enemies at the Gate: English castles under siege from the 12th century to the Civil War.