The views of the speakers will be their own and the Society takes no responsibility for the views expressed or the accuracy of their presentations.

28 June 2023‘Alfred the Great and the campaign of 878 – What can we know?’ with Prof. Ryan Lavelle
26 July 2023‘To War with the Walkers’ with Annabel Venning
23 Aug 2023‘The Indian Mutiny’ with Dr Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
27 Sep 2023Member talks evening:

‘Withdrawal from Aden, November 1967’ with Lt. Col. Ray Faull

‘Barba del Puerco: A tactical engagement with strategic consequences’ with Maj. Gen. Ashley Truluck
25 Oct 2023‘Removing Assad’s Chemical Weapons: UN Operations in an Age of Great Power Competition’ with Jerry Smith OBE
22 Nov 2023Social/quiz

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