The views of the speakers will be their own and the Society takes no responsibility for the views expressed or the accuracy of their presentations.

25th May 2022‘Zulu Rising: The epic story of the battle of Isandlwana’ with Ian KnightRead more
22nd June 2022‘The Changing of the Guard’ with Simon AkamRead more
27th July 2022‘Victory in Burma’ with Lt. Col. Mike TicknerRead more
24th August 2022‘Old Wardour Castle & Salisbury during the English Civil War’ with Julian HumphrysRead more
28th September 2022‘Dünkirchen 1940: The German View of Dunkirk’ with Col. Robert KershawRead more
26th October 2022‘Counter-Insurgency in Malaya: An Imperial Success Story’ with Dr Robert LymanRead more
23rd November 2022AGM (time TBC)
23rd November 2022‘The Soldier’s Soldier: A Leadership Life – Erwin Rommel’ with Prof. Lloyd ClarkRead more

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