Desert Warfare: The Experience of British Empire Armies in the Two World Wars

Wednesday 22nd March 2023

St John’s Place, Lower Road, Bemerton, SP2 9NP


In both world wars, British Empire armies had prolonged periods of fighting under desert conditions. This talk examines the factors that shaped the soldiers’ experience – including climate, terrain, weapons, tactics, enemies and logistics – comparing and contrasting campaigns such as Mesopotamia and Palestine in the First World War, and Tobruk and Alamein in the Second, looking at the British, Australian, New Zealand and South African armies.

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Gary Sheffield is Visiting Professor in the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London, and President of the Western Front Association. He has published many books and articles on military history. He is working on ‘Civilian Armies: The experience of British and Dominion soldiers in the world wars’ which will be published by Yale University Press.