Hitler’s Heralds

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

St John’s Place, Lower Road, Bemerton, SP2 9NP


In this talk, Nigel Jones, author of “Hitler’s  Heralds” tells the often overlooked story of the men whose campaigns drove Germany’s history from the Kaiser ‘s abdication in 1918 to Hitler’s 1923 Beerhall putsch 

One hundred years ago in the wake of the Great War, defeated Germany was in chaos . Convulsed by strikes, mutinies and open revolution, its embattled government needed a new military force to put down revolts and restore order. The result was the Freikorps. A mix of battle hardened veterans, eager students and mystic nationalists, these volunteered crushed revolts across Germany with bloody savagery. But when their task was done, dissolving the Freikorps proved easier said than done. Civil War became murderous terror as the embittered warriors morphed into the rising Nazi movement.