The Falklands War – There and Back Again: The Story of Naval Party 8901

Wednesday 25th November 2020 [POSTPONED]

St John’s Place, Lower Road, Bemerton, SP2 9NP


On 1 April 1982 Major Mike Norman, commander of Naval Party 8901, was looking forward to a peaceful year-long tour of duty on the Falkland Islands. But events turned out differently, for the next day the Argentines invaded and he and his forty-three Royal Marines found themselves fighting for their lives. After a desperate battle in the gardens and even inside the house against superior numbers they were ordered to lay down their arms but as they surrendered, they vowed they would return. And they did. Based on his recent powerful and moving book (co-authored with Mike Norman) historian Dr Mike Jones, tells us how.

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Dr Mike Jones is a historian of international repute recognised for his ground-breaking medieval and Second World War research and publications. He has worked closely with veterans of the battle of Stalingrad, siege of Leningrad and most recently those of the Falklands War.