Doctor Enigma

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

St John’s Place, Lower Road, Bemerton, SP2 9NP


Mark Baldwin (aka ‘Doctor Enigma’) brings to life the extraordinary story of the greatest hack in history – how Germany’s Enigma ciphers were broken during WW2 at Bletchley Park. To allow the audience to get a full understanding, Doctor Enigma brings with him a real German wartime Enigma machine for the audience to photograph and operate.

Entrance for members is included in your annual subscription. For non-members, entrance is £10 (cash, card or cheque) at the door.

Dr Baldwin has been handling Enigma machines longer than anyone in the German forces, and has delivered hundreds of presentations in the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Slovenia. His presentations are so popular that (until the pandemic struck) he had given more than one a week for over 10 years.